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Fashion prints Summer 2016
  Опубликовано: 05-06-2016

If you have already decided on the colors that are going to wear for the upcoming season, it's time to select and print! At this year's catwalks reigns eclecticism and a riot of colors. Select print like any fashionista will be able to, but more fortunate lover of dynamic and aggressive images, for romantic persons range of more modest.

will it

watercolor Divorces

The explosive, but at the same time feminine print - all the floats, flows into each other, nothing is certain, and only mystery. Ideal for dresses and skirts Avalon Life - only a light breeze, and the color play will play, attracting all attention to you.
If continuous riot of colors is too extreme for you, try the options, which is decorated with watercolor brush strokes only a few details.

Large cells

A timeless classic that comes back again and again. Do not forget that the size of the cells in spite of fashion trends, must be chosen depending on the type of figure. Pyshnotelye women suit large cell, and skinny, on the contrary, fine. In addition, with the help of the cells can be visually adjusted growth - skirt in a large square will make a Woman even low "less than", unless supplemented by way of shoes with high heels.



The strip - traditional summer print, firmly associated with the sea coast. This year, designers are moving away from traditional small overexposed strip, offering a lot of unusual options.
In any case, do not forget about the important rules that should not be neglected: Avoid horizontal stripes in the tops, if you have large breasts or stomach. If you have wide hips, suit vertical stripes - they visually "pull" figure.

Floral Abstraction

This season, the traditional romantic floral print dresses Avalon-life transformed into a rather peculiar fabric, which not even all be recognized, in fact, flowers.


Dreaming of a vacation, but it is still far? Brighten up waiting for you to help extravagant "geographical" prints. Maps, ancient and modern, urban silhouettes, and all sorts of references to travel - at the height of fashion.

optical illusion

Many prints draw attention, but these altogether difficult to look away. Curved lines, irregular shape and geometry of the cold almost hypnotized, but this is their peculiar charm.


Hawaiian prints are in this season was muted - no violence of palm leaves, tropical colors and flowers. Yes, they are still associated with a beach holiday, but at the same time acquired a unique luster and elegance that will be quite appropriate, even in the workplace.

Good and enjoy your Summer!

With respect!


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