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  Опубликовано: 07-07-2016

Cloaks for women - the actual choice for spring and autumn days, when the weather is so changeable and even in the summer without a raincoat anywhere

Cloak embodies femininity and elegance at the same time is a direct descendant of the British military uniforms. English version of the word sounds like a cape trench coat ( «trench coat»), and the literal translation into Russian of the first word means "trench" and the second "coat". The first models are made of special waterproof and breathable fabric that once invented a British designer Burberry (Burberry).

Trench - a unique thing that is right, and for walking around the city, and for business trips. And besides, this is a very good buy: actual monochromatic close-fitting trench coats do not go out of style more than one season, allowing you to create an infinite number of options. Choose a model that will be relevant right now and will suit you the most, very easily. You just open the «avalon-live» the store's website, where you look forward to traditionally high-quality collection of fashionable clothes of famous brands!

With respect!

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